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Susan Marshall

Susan Marshall

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

I am passionate about helping my clients address the uncertainty in their financial lives so they can use money as a tool to repair, maintain, and improve every aspect of their lives. One of my greatest strengths is the ability to connect with people so we feel comfortable together discussing any situation. That connection nurtures the openness and trust needed when finding the best solutions to problems and developing confidence.

My background is in the sciences. I did my undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh. My graduate work concentrated in research and analysis techniques. And yet, when I got a small inheritance, I had no idea what to do with the money except put it in a bank account. After doing some reading about investing I went back to school. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have worked in Financial Services Industry for over 25 years. Initially I worked in Operations or behind the scenes. After several years I began working directly with clients helping them to navigate getting from point A to point B in their financial lives. Being able to help someone gain confidence and use their money as a tool is what makes my work exciting and gives me pleasure. I have worked with individuals and couples in every phase of their financial lives. Additionally I have spent time helping small business owners design and implement retirement programs for themselves and their employees.

After working for major firms such as the Marsh McLennan Companies and PNC Investments, I joined Baird so that I could be part of an established company (Baird is one of the oldest investment firms in the United States, being in business since 1854) recognized for its insight while bringing a personal touch to the environment my colleagues and clients experience every day. I feel with Baird our office is large enough to make a difference for you; small enough to care about you.

My husband Dick and I have lived and worked in Washington County for many years. I am involved with the Southpointe and Washington County Chambers. We love being in a more rural but growing and dynamic region of the Pittsburgh area. We enjoy having dogs, especially Irish Wolfhounds, as part of our family and spending time doing things where they can accompany us. We also spend time sailing, reading and traveling.